We celebrated teacher’s day in our school with zeal and zest. There was an unusual excitement in the school atmosphere. The students of XI and XII  took over duties of the teacher’s for the day. A special morning assembly was held in which the students paid homage to their teachers through poems and speeches. Madam Shilpa Joshi explained the importance of this day and reason behind celebrating this day.

The principal Mrs. Navdeep Kaur addressed the  students and the staff members with exemplary contribution to the school success. Students of XI and XII classes organised a lot of fun games for  teachers.The chairman Mr. Sukhjinder Singh appreciated the students for their effort.Chairman sir also told that teachers play an important role in our lives to success. They  help us to become a good person and good citizens of the country .

At the last a small tea party was organised by students for the teachers .All the teachers along with principal mam thanked the students for their effort that they had made this day special .


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