1. Please read the rules/regulations mentioned in the school diary.
  2. Students must bring their diaries to the school every day.
  3. Students must show due respect and reverance to the school authorities.
  4. Student must go out of the class only with the permission of the teacher and should have OUT-PASS with them.
  5. Students must come to the school in proper, neat and clean uniform, with their nails properly trimmed.
  6. Keep regular record of your ward’s progress through interaction with the teachers/principal if the need arises during PTM’s.
  7. Participate in the mandatory session, the dates of which shall be intimated as and when required.
  8. Do not come to collect your ward without prior premission.
  9. Meeting with the Principal can be fixed with an appointment.
  10. Your co-operation would enable us to take better care of your ward.

Leave Rules  



  • Every student is expected to maintain on attendance record of at least 80% during the

year failing which he/ she may not be allowed to appear in the Final Examination. ·        

  • All are expected to attend the school on the re-opening day after each of the vacations ·        

Leave may be taken only after obtaining the Principal’s permission. ·        

  • For early departure valid reason or a written request must come from the Parents and

permission must be obtained from the Principal. . ·        

  • Absence on Medical grounds needs to be supported by a medical certificate from a

registered Medical Practitioner. ·        

  • Student’s name will be struck off the rolls if he/ she remains absent from the school for

10 days continuously without any information or valid reason. ·        

  • Students attending the school after suffering from an infectious disease such as

measles, chicken pox, cholera, mumps. whooping cough etc must produce a fitness

certificate from an authorized doctor. 


Fee Rules


Pay the fees regularly as per given date. 

School fees will be charged at given time. 

Fees once paid will not be refunded. Parents are advised to deposit fee against proper

receipt only. 

In case of late fees, a fine of Rs.5 will be charged till last working day of the concerned

month after that name of the defaulter will be struck off the school rolls. 

Parents are requested to preserve the receipt issued by the Fee checker and produce that as

proof of payment, if needed.  

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