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School is the safety net that protects children from neglect and deprivation and provides a platform where in children can be offered opportunities for nurturing their inherent potential. We promote the habit of reading, right from pre-primary level upwards.It is not just a place for learning of academic skills or gaining knowledge but also an important setting where children get to be with their age mates, make friends, develop social networks , get introduced to adult role models and acquire an understanding of life and leading to the discovery of oneself. We promote the habit of reading, right from pre-primary level upwards. We provide state-of-art facilities in our campus we have ensured that the most Modern Art facilities are available in our school. We comence computer education from smaller classes. We make sure the high end machines available to each child. I want computer lab and the lab this spacious with latest computers.

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The School has well equipped science lab and we focus mainly on hands on practical work so that the student may get better insight into scientific theories.It is best workplace for the conduct of scientific research.



Our Library occupies a spacious room with a large collection of books, on the wide variety of species, books on spirituality,foreign publications are also avalible our school promotes reading and encourage students to cultivate reading habbit.



Physical fitness is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. School has has taken care to ensure that all sport requirements are met and our childrens are benefited by the same.



School students are tought classical music ,light music and use of musical instruments .we have a room exclusively for the laws. Art and craft:- students are taught Art and Craft in the drawing room.

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  • 1:19 Teacher Student Ratio
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The delight of cognition is something unique to man. No sooner does a child begin to perceive his environment then he begins the delightful journey of self-knowledge as also that of knowing his surroundings. Formal education attempts to build on this innate urge of the child by structuring and grading it. As the child graduates from one class to the other, he / she accomplishes a certain level of understanding about his/her self and the world around..

Sh. Sukhjinder Singh
Sh. Sukhjinder Singh Director/Chairman

Studying at SGTB school has been one of the best experiences in my life. I gained a lot - in terms of both confidence and practical skills. The diverse facilities and dedicated faculty helped me discover several unexplored facets of my personality and I would recommend this school to all the parents who genuinely want to see their child shine*best experiences of my life.....

Mrs. Navdeep Kaur
Mrs. Navdeep Kaur Principal