Human Rights Day

   Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10th December  every year. This day is celebrated as a token to all those who stood up for someone’s right. Human rights means the rights which every human being owns. We all have been given right to vote right to speech ,right to education, right to earn and many more.It is our responsibility and right to avail each of the right introduced for us. These rights are very determined and to the point for the welfare of the humans. Each of these rights were declared in every year 1948 by the United Nations for the global understanding of how to treat individuals. This day is acknowledged as the worldwide declaration of human rights and ensure its continued existence and remembrance as a common standard of for all nations. My focus about these rights would be to educate the people especially kids about human rights and how it’s our responsibility to learn and exercise them and spread the word. These rights should necessarily be a part of their curriculum so that they while growing up know what are their rights as per their existence and how important is it for them to work on these. I would request you all to please create awareness about our human rights amongst all.

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