Annual Punjabi fair “Teeyan da Mela”

The SGTB Students organized  Annual Punjabi fair “Teeyan da Mela” in SGTB Public  School, Sanaura, Bhogpur, Jalandhar on Friday. There were organized fun games, gambling performances, Matka  races , gidda and full entertainment of the young girls who came with dishes, were honored.

The program started with the words of Punjabi heritage in the very manner able style with Amarinder’s song “Gal sun le darjiya ve”. Along with this song, the group of young girls started dancing, and hall were filled with girls. somewhere the performance on heer Ranjha, Sasi Poonu was given by girls. The Punjabi girls was felicitously favored by the impression of heritage which was a commendable compliment.





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